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We are traveling in California, a beautiful place…in the hands of liberals. CA is a land of rules and regulations (much like Illinois) but you see it more here because the CA environmentalists have more to protect. And protect they do. Living here, I am reminded of why I hate liberalism. I don’t hate liberals, just their belief system which is all pervasive. I’ve heard the quote, “They look like regular people, but they’re not.” I got my nails done the other day and a liberal was waiting her turn. We held what seemed like a normal conversation until it was time to leave, she handed me a saccharine smile as I exited, saying, “Have a nice life.” I looked at her like she had entered another dimension realizing as I left, it was I who was out of sync. I AM after all, visiting liberal land.

We were watching CSpan CA the other day (retirement is scary, isn’t it?) and noticed the row of liberals behind the local environment council tables and the line of liberals waiting to speak to protect the Goby fish in Malibu. We switched channels and saw the same exact scene but this was for preparation for Obama care. The verbiage was similar. One was citizen after citizen to protect a fish, the other was citizen after citizen to protect illegals and people of “color” who are “naturally downtrodden” (I asked myself, “How come that assumption isn’t racism?”). I also asked myself, “If normal citizens heard the dribble drone on and on, wouldn’t they come to the conclusion of the incredible tediousness of it all? The wastefulness of all the money spent to even discuss these things? No. That is way too logical. I’m conservative and I know all of it has turned into insanity. It’s been left too long to bubble up and infect here.

Do the environmentalists do some good? YES they do. Today we visited the elephant seals, they are protected from us by fences and boardwalks. They should be. I read an article about them today. This past November, a park ranger noticed that one of young ones had a severely tight plastic band around his neck. As he grew, the band would choke and kill him. The article reminded us about the importance of how we handle the disposal of trash and recycling. I totally agree, preach and follow many of these dictates and did so as a teacher starting many programs with my students and passing on the adage, “When you throw ‘away’ there IS no ‘away.'”Fines for littering this beautiful countryside should be enforced. I get it. Earlier today, we walked through a beautiful forested area and I could see the bottom of the stream we stepped over. The water is pristine and that came about because someone fought for the environment.

But I draw the line at light bulbs. The mercury laden disposal horror bulbs are a disaster we are stuck with due to Democrat Progressive Liberal policies which have destroyed the original, far better incandescent light bulbs and the companies that produced them. For what? For unsound science; for stupidity. For liberalism.

Polar bears hugging electric car owners? It makes me sick. What do these addle brained idiots think run electric cars?? Coal!! They’re against that too. I also draw a line at plastic bags. At the local grocery store here I noticed that plastic bags will be “outlawed” by October 2012. The store people look at you funny when you ask for them and for that reason I make sure to request extras. But abortion is still legal and promoted here. Big time. A thought seared through my conservative brain. They can no longer dispose of the aborted fetuses in plastic bags. It won’t work to throw them out in paper bags…I won’t go into it. It just won’t. What will they use? Re-useable cloth bags will have to be sanitized. That takes a lot of detergent and hot water. What WILL they do?

You get my drift.