The Sun has Set on the Old Guard…In with the New

Just my thoughts on a sad Wednesday evening. Part of me feels some relief that the campaign is over…you too?
There is not anything we can do about it, regardless. I am depressed…mostly because of how stupid so many people are. Wait until they figure out they are not getting what they think. The media has hidden everything from them and they chose to not ask any questions or do any research. On top of that, the Republicans took the wrong route in that they concentrated mostly on BO’s associations–the sheep who are mesmerized by him would not hear that, I don’t know, maybe they might have heard facts and realities of what the future would have looked like under him….part of the election McCain gave away along with his handlers by running an inefficient campaign; another part was stolen by corruption and deceit. We have and will continue to learn a lot from this failure and some things need to change in how things are handled in the next campaign.

We also have to make sure there IS another campaign and that this does not turn into a dictatorship. We have to find a way to get out our information better through the internet and sources other than TV and paper.

Here are some good things:
1.) Homosexual marriage proposition failed in three states….the people spoke in spite of the millions thrown at that issue.
2.) BO spent $640 MILLION dollars on this campaign…that is an OBSCENE amount of money…that in itself shows him for what he is. He could have bought a lot of mortgages for that amount of money.
3.) The far left will not have a filabuster-proof majority in Congress…we have a chance to stop some of the issues BO and his cronies will bring forward, but we will need to be diligent–that also is good–had we been more diligent a lot earlier, we might have stopped him.
4.) BO will not have the funds to do even half of what he has promised; our job needs to be staying vigilant and keeping him from getting the second term and filling congress seats with Republicans in two years.
5.) If BO leans far left in his first two years, the public will take him to task…for instance…Amnesty for the illegals was strong-armed out by the public’s massive calling campaign….the same thing can happen with the UN “Fairness Doctrine” because we have a fighting chance to defeat these ill-fated promises via the Republicans and a few more center-leaning Dems who want to keep their jobs.
6.) Blacks can no longer call this a racist country when a black man gets elected–this is good for many young black men who feel they can not strive toward anything but gangs and crime.


2 thoughts on “The Sun has Set on the Old Guard…In with the New”

  1. People like you have what I call a mental don’t see what is right in front of you. You have no concept of what people feel or want or’re only wrapped up in some sort of hate that will only destroy you in the long run. Try to realize that there were many voters that simply saw what Romney was about, still wanted to participate in the process and voted against him. Your 6 “good things” are the crap that has been online for the last 5 years..means nothing and has turned into sick gossip. And the GOP has now realized they have the same mental block..better watch out..your life may get better, so prepare for more self-induced depression.

    • You are the one in a fog. This is a very old post but it began the end of our country. The 2012 election was stolen as evidenced by the massive fraud across the country. It is you who will wake up when everything you love is gone but you will have no one to blame but yourself. OVER 60 million conservatives tried to save your sorry ass but the gargantuan cheating of this administration could not be overcome. I’d wish you luck but there is no saving you now.

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